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Quality Control

OUDASI has a professional QC team, consists of 20 professional technicians and a big team of inspectors. We monitor closely at every stage of the process to ensure our final products are in line with customer requirements.

"The user supreme, quality first" as the quality policy

There is a regular, comprehensive and extensive inspection of assembly lines. All controls, inspections, equipment, fixtures, total production resources and skills are inspected to ensure that they consistently achieve the required quality levels.

  • Material Detection
    Material Detection

    Accurate control, to ensure the quality of products without defects

  • Process Detection
    Process Detection

    Strictly control the production process testing to ensure the safety and reliability of the project system.

  • Salt Spray Test
    Salt Spray Test

    Used to check corrosion resistance of materials and surface coatings

Raw Materials Inspection

The raw material inspection is a vital step, helping to ensure that our supplier is meeting our specifications and requirements.

This is to inspect and test the raw material to avoid the nonconforming raw materials from unexpected usage, to reduce risks in a production chain as early as possible. If the inspection is acceptable, the inspector issues the Acceptance Certificate and admit the goods to the corresponding warehouse.

CNC Machining Will Benefit Your 
            Production Process
CNC Machining Will Benefit Your 
            Production Process

PRE-Production Inspection

Machines or molds to be used for mass-production will be thoroughly inspected for any signs of damage or defects.

It is to verify that all of the machines, tools, and materials to be used during the whole production process are in good working condition.

Machines that show damages or defects due to overuse must not be used for production regardless of the type of damage to ensure that no defective products will be created

Visual Inspection

Manufacturing operations strive to deliver the highest quality during every stage of the production or assembly process. Over half of these quality checks involve visual confirmation to ensure the parts are in good condition, have the even surface or right shape or requested color, and are free from any imperfections such as scratches, pores, bubbles, etc.

After every batch product processing, they must be sent to inspectors for inspection before the next working procedure. Every piece of OUDASI item strictly goes through at least 3 visual inspections from polishing to assembly.

CNC Machining Will Benefit Your 
            Production Process
CNC Machining Will Benefit Your 
            Production Process

Coating Inspection

The inspection of the plated parts is an indispensable work after the completion of surface treatment, only qualified parts can be sent to the following process.

Usually we check the thickness and adhesion and appearance of the coating.

We use X-RAY system to identify the thickness and composition of the coating and organize bending test to guarantee adhesion and check appearance conditions visually. To make sure that all of the products are totally in content with international standards and customer requirements.

Salt Spray Test

Salt spray test is a corrosion testing method that uses the artificial simulated salt spray environment created by the salt spray test equipment to confirm the corrosion resistance of the product and coatings.

SWith professional salt spray test engineers and test equipment, we offer neutral salt spray test (NSS test), acid salt spray test(ASS test) and copper accelerated salt spray test(CASS test). And we provide detailed test reports that include pictures and descriptions of each stage of testing, from start to finish.

CNC Machining Will Benefit Your 
            Production Process

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